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Zlati Koscina, MBFPA
Registered Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher

Zlati truly believes in self-care, self-love, and self-compassion as well as being mindful about our needs for healing every day whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. Practicing self-care and self-compassion creates a greater connection with ourselves, and when the body is healthy, free of pain and of a calm mind, we can live a more fulfilled life, have healthier relationships with ourselves, family, friends, and community.

Zlati’s own healing journey led her to find her passion to practicing and teaching Reiki, as well as practicing Bach Flower Remedies, including her unique way of facilitating Reiki Healing Shares and Clinics. She finds joy and healing in her offerings through the profound connection with the energy. She connects with her clients deeply and allows her intuition to guide her throughout the sessions. She utilizes a heart-centered approach that comes from a place of deep empathy and caring. She always invites her clients to receive treatments with an open mind and heart, facilitating the healing process to occur naturally with compassion and trust. Zlati's work focuses on reducing stress, anxiety, and managing pain.  

Zlati is a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner. She received her Bach Flower training from the prestigious Edward Bach’s Education Center and her Reiki Master training from ICRT -the International Center for Reiki Training. Zlati was directly trained by William Lee Rand, and she has been practicing Reiki for 10 years.

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"A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses."

- Eric Micha'el Leventhal


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